Edinburgh, Scotland, 1960

Mrs. Green, president, was also wife of the man who was president of the World Convention, so her official responsibilities at the time of the Edinburgh Convention were doubled. She was able, however, to appoint capable committees from among the British women to make plans for the various events.

More that 1800 women attended the luncheon held in Usher Hall. A highlight of the worship was the introduction of and adoption of the official hymn of the CWF, “Father Within This Fellowship”, composed by Mrs. Bertha L. Duncan of Scotland. The speaker was Miss Janet Lacy, director of inter-church aid and refugee service for the British Council of Churches, who emphasized the responsibility by Christians in meeting the needs of the tremendous number of refugees in the world at that time. At the business meeting later in the Convention, an impressive Pageant of Nations gave opportunity for the introduction of women from 19 countries who gave brief messages from their countries, each in her native tongue. Translations were provided so that each speaker could be understood by all present.

A special project for the Edinburgh Convention began simply enough as the making of a mural of the handwork contributions of women in each national fellowship; however, the complexity of this project soared completely beyond the original expectations as costs of production and of transportation to Edinburgh from the United States doubled and tripled. Mrs Barton Johnson of Covington, Kentucky, USA, was made chairlady of this project, and it was only because of her great interest and perseverance that the project was completed. Each country was asked to send to her a piece of material typical of that country. These were then placed on a mural eight feet by twelve feet, at the sides and feet of a large artist’s drawing of the Christ with outstretched hand and the two hemispheres of the world. The mural was the center of worship in Usher Hall, Edinburgh, through the World Convention and was later shipped back to Missions Building, Indianapolis, USA for permanent display. Soon after the Edinburgh Assembly Miss Trout resigned as secretary-treasurer due to retirement and was succeeded in 1962 by Miss Helen Spaulding.

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