Mozambique 2013-2016

serves young girls, adolescents and young women who have been orphaned or are living in extreme poverty and have insufficient support to provide food, clothing, shelter and education as determined by district leaders. LAR ESPERANÇA (HOPE HOME) and CENTRO DE EDUCAÇÃO ESPERANÇA (HOPE EDUCATION CENTER), work to provide these needs in addition to spiritual education and guidance. Kléber and Juracema Ribeiro have served as missionaries in Mozambique, Africa, since 1996 and update news of this mission regularly on the blogspot (Translation is possible through Google Translate.)

Currently, they have 32 boarders. The government has given permission to offer education up through the seventh grade which provides instruction for most of them. Meals, health care and church activities are provided. Hope Home has capacity for 60 girls, but at present they only have 32 beds.

Thanks to the good Lord, the school is now registered, authorized and recognized by the government to operate. Now with a good physical structure, much bigger and better than when they began, they have six classrooms, with desks for every student (for years they sat on the floor), an administrative area, with offices, staff room and a large hall for the future library. Fourteen teachers hold classes in two shifts (morning and afternoon) for 1054 students who are enrolled this school year. They charge a symbolic annual tuition of $1.78 (USD) per student, not to give anything for free. However, still some parents cannot pay, some have more than one child in school, and the entire context must be managed. The amount collected with the enrollment tuition is used in the maintenance of the school during the year. Chalk, erasers, paper, pens, copies, folders (to process and transfer students) and other material that are used in school are purchased. The text-books for students are donated by the Government of Mozambique.


15 bunks beds US$2,400
Install electricity at Hope Home US$4,037


3 Restrooms in the school US$1,950

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  1. Hello, Michelle! I have linked the blog from Hope Home and School on our website. You can access it by hovering over “Service Projects” then over “Mozambique 2013-2016. Because I do not speak Portuguese, I have Google Translate change the website to English. At your prompting, I will contact GWC Past President, Monica Fife to inquire directly to the Ribiero’s. When I have news, I like to link from the GWC article in ChristiaNet to make it easier for all readers to access. You can subscribe from our GWC website or at Julia

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