Letter from Kenya – July, 2014

Dear Friends,
Hope you are doing fine, We thank God for taking good care of us and we are still trusting on Him for great things.
I have a strong conviction in my heart to help 20 more children in our school and to offer them food, shelter and education.
My greatest challenge is how I will provide them with school uniform, books and pencils.
Some of these children have been abandoned with their parents and some are orphans.They are between age 10 years – 13 years. Do you know any organization or institutions that can help me with some funds to buy these children at least 2 pairs of school uniforms each and text books, exercise books and pencils?
Pray with me on this issue because I don’t know why God is putting this big burden in me. I want to be with these children for the next 3 years until they complete 8th grade, God willing. I don’t have anything to offer but am just trusting in God. God knows my heart. It sounds crazy but I feel that I have to help this children. Am feeling to take them in mid-August, God willing, so that they can start school in September when the school re-opens.
I can comfortably provide them with good education and shelter but long term fear is food. I don’t know how they will feed for the next three years. I have a conviction and fear at the same time. Is God really speaking to me or am I just emotional? Kindly help me to pray about this. If it is the will of God, I know that I will not struggle. But, if it is not the will of God I know that I will not succeed. Am praying for the will of God.
In God I trust.
Nancy  (Phiri)
ps. Here is a copy of the brochure Martin carried to the United States this summer.
Harvest View brochure 1 001Harvest View brochure 2 001

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