Kenya 2013-2016

Harvest View Academy offers quality and affordable education to Kenyan children who are less privileged and those from low income earning families. Currently, there are 368 students served by 25 staff persons, 6 administrative, 11 teachers and 8 subordinate staff. 350 of the students are non-resident and 18 children live on site.

Objectives of the academy include –

  • To rescue orphaned and disadvantaged children from the street
  • To aid children in legitimate need by providing education, food, clothing, shelter, medication and technical training.
  • To provide an opportunity for an economic integration program (surrounding community ranges from extreme poverty to middle class)
  • To offer re-integration opportunity for orphaned children, neglected children, and disadvantaged children who are living in the street

Urgent Needs for HARVEST VIEW ACADEMY (as of April 1, 2013)


Nancy Phiri writes –

We wish to thank Global Women Connecting ministry for reaching out to the third world countries and for your desire to help the little known institutions like “Harvest View Academy” who are struggling to bring change in the society and to help destitute children who are at risk of child trafficking and child abuse. 

The total number of children in Harvest View Academy this year is 368. Non–residents are 350 and residents 18 children.  Martin and I have dedicated our lives to help these children by providing them with food, clothes and shelter. We also offer them primary school education. We are currently taking care of 18 destitute children in our institution. 7 are girls and 11 are boys. Each of them has a story to tell.

The school has a small farm where we normally plant vegetables, tomatoes and onions to help feed the children. Due to lack of rains and access to water our farm has dried up and right now we don’t have food to feed the children.

The dormitories where children are sleeping are currently in a pathetic condition. We have killed 4 snakes at different times in our girl’s dormitories in the last one month. These snakes get access through the holes which stretch to the dormitories. The children are so traumatized and we fear that if urgent measure is not taken then we might have a serious accident of a child being bitten by a snake. We need money to repair the areas which have trenches and holes urgently.  Note that the children are still using borrowed beds which should be returned this year as per our contract agreement last year.

If we get $6000.00 we will be able to cater for the above urgent needs.

It is very encouraging to know that you are all praying for us. Without your prayers it could be very difficult for us to move on and especially with the current financial strains and challenges which we are going through.

Long-term Needs for HARVEST VIEW ACADEMY

Complete the dormitory facilities US$39,839
Purchase 100 double decker beds to accommodate
100 girls & 100 boys US$14,700
Purchase 200 mattresses for beds US$ 5,200
Purchase sanitary pads, books and learning materials (annually) US$ 7,200
Dig a borehole to supply water needs US$45,736

Our vision is to complete the current incomplete dormitories and by the year 2016 we should be able to have helped at least 200 children both boys and girls as residents. With your continued support this will come to pass. We therefore appeal to well wishers to partner with us for this good cause of helping an African child. – Nancy & Martin Phiri

4 thoughts on “Kenya 2013-2016

  1. May Almighty God bless you for that good job you are doing. I hope and trust that God is going to do wonders. So just trust in Him and wit upon Him to open His windows and bless you.
    I would like to help those kinds in one way or another, but i don’t know where i can get you in Kenya, so please direct me to your school. thanks and God bless you.

  2. Is there an update on how things are going? The list of needs is almost 2 years old. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for asking, Michelle. Letters from the Phiri’s are found on this website by hovering over “Service Project” then over” Kenya 2013-2016″. You will see the letter postings to the right. (You will do the same thing for Mozambique 2013-2016). The last need Nancy wrote about was for mattresses for new students. Julia

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