Aatma Vikas 2017-2019

Restore Dignity—Transform Lives

Aatma Vikas        Freedom comes in many forms – physical, emotional, economic, and spiritual.  Aatma Vikas trains women in sewing, stitching and jewelry making so they can be employed by The Skipping Stone company to free the future for themselves and their families.

The Skipping Stone  Every action has a ripple affect. The Skipping Stone  provides lifestyle  products to consumers seeking to make a difference. Profits go directly toward employing women still working in bondage in one of the largest brothels in north India, allowing a sustainable, dignified path out of poverty.

Casting a simple stone makes a difference in the direction the water flows. Consider making a ripple today by purchasing through The Skipping Stone. www.TheSkippingStone.com

GWC Gifts                                                                                                                           Continue the preventative and restorative care Aatma Vikas provides to women at risk of human trafficking. Your support helps create socially, economically, and spiritually thriving communities in India through vocational training and empowerment initiatives.

Please support Global Women Connecting and Aatma Vikas through your gifts of prayer and financial resource.

Please mail contributions for Aatma Vikas to: 

World Convention—Global Women Connecting                                                               PO Box 50998                                                                                                                       Nashville, TN  37205  USA

or make a purchase directly from TheSkippingStone.com