Global Women Connecting works to build Christian unity among women globally through prayer, program and service. It provides mission emphasis via a service project that all participants and member groups can support.

What You Can Do

Participate with Global Women Connecting individually or with your group.

  • Pray daily for Global Women Connecting and the lives it touches
  • Read about Aatma Vikas 2017-2019 here.
  • Help the GWC Service Project with a gift*.
  • Support GWC communications with a $10 annual commitment *

(* form here)






DISCIPLES WOMEN—One dollar of this donation goes into a fund that helps send the IDWM President and Canadian representative to the meetings of Global Women       Connecting. The remaining amount will go into the Global Women Connecting budget.(form here)


Please Mail Gifts To –

OGMP Treasury Services P O Box 1986 Indianapolis, IN 46206-1986 USA

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