Direct Giving

Checking Accounts

Your gift in check form can be mailed directly to World Convention/Global Women Connecting at PO Box 50998, Nashville, TN 37205. Please make check payable to World Convention/Global Women Connecting and mark check GWC with your specific country or group and project name if applicable.

Remittance form with brochure is available in a PDF format.

Monthly checks can be automatically written from your checking account and sent to us by many US banks. Please have checks sent to us at PO Box 50998, Nashville, TN 37205.

Credit Card Accounts

If you prefer to contribute directly using a credit card, please mail to (World Convention/Global Women Connecting, PO Box 50998, Nashville, TN 37205) or phone in (615-431-1824) your credit card account name and billing address, credit card account number and expiration date, authorization code number and the amount you wish to give. Be sure to specify Global Women Connecting. PLEASE USE EXTREME CAUTION IF YOU CHOOSE TO PROVIDE THIS INFORMATION THROUGH EMAIL. We suggest separating the final grouping of numbers from the account number and sending in at different times from the expiration date and authorization code number

A regular monthly credit card gift can be arranged by contacting the World Convention/Global Women Connecting office with the above information including the monthly amount and the length of time you will make the gift.


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