Adelaide, Australia, 1970

Perhaps this Assembly will best be remembered because of the very wise and careful planning by the Australian women, and then the responsible and meticulous way in which they carried out their responsibilities. Mrs. Kathleen Lawton, president, arranged for a second executive committee retreat, since the one in Puerto Rico had been so successful. On Saturday afternoon preceding the World Convention women from the various countries began arriving at the Anglican Retreat Center where they gathered around the fire for tea and orientation, each introducing herself. For the next two days they engaged in Bible study led by Mrs. Doreen Strack of Australia, and discussed bridging the generation gap, led by Mrs. Magdalena Parilla of Argentina. Colored slides showing views of the various countries and of women’s activities were shown. The group was honored by having Mrs. Rathie Selvaratnam of Ceylon, former chairlady of the Asian Church Women’s Conference, share in the retreat. Mrs. Selvaratnam had been invited to give the main address at the women’s luncheon during the convention. More that 2000 women gathered in the cavernous Motor Pavilion for the World CWF luncheon. Women of Adelaide had decorated the huge hall with vast quantities of flowers, and the speakers table was make beautiful with orchids sent from New South Wales. At the business session Mrs. Lawton, president spoke of her joy in visiting churches and women’s groups in Canada, the United States, and New Zealand, during her term of office, and the vice president, Mrs. Parrilla reported especially on her participation in the Roman Catholic laity conference at the Vatican, as a fraternal delegate representing World CWF and the World Convention. She was the only Protestant from Latin America. A new service project, the support of relief and rehabilitation in Vietnam, was approved, and an offering of $779.69 received for that purpose.

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