Global Women Connecting unites, informs and connects Stone-Campbell/Restoration Movement women from around the world the following ways…

“The Women’s Desk” – a regular feature in ChristiaNet. This email newsletter regularly shares prayer topics, financial and activity updates for the service project, and information regarding world events.

“The Listening Desk” – An offering where hearts and thoughts are shared.  Intended to be authored by a variety of writers, the reader’s comments are sought to create dialogue on the blog article topic.

The Global Gathering – A World Convention/Global Women Connecting Global Gathering is held every few years to bring together people of the ‘Stone-Campbell’ family of Churches (Christian – Churches of Christ – Disciples) from around the world.

“The Resource Desk” – An ongoing collection of articles, papers and presentations on a variety of topics of global interest especially related to women and children.

“The Linking Desk” – An ongoing collection of interesting links.

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