Following In Christ’s Future

We are women.

Somewhere in our time, we acknowledge God’s love for us and accept the life God hopes for us. We are baptized women.

Spirit speaks loudly and we share what we see – share the vision our relationship with Jesus creates…challenge our community to be what it is meant to be. We are prophetic women.

From deep within, Spirit stills the flow of our days and we remember the gift God offers us. We work to build bridges where reconciliation to God can take place.  We are priestly women.

Engaging our lives, our community, our environment in the direction of God’s justice, we show God’s ability to heal and restore. We are royal women.

Global Women Connecting exists for all women. We join in fellowship, prayer, study, and service, to share the gospel and cooperate with Christians everywhere toward the unity of the church. We unite, inform, and connect Stone Campbell movement women from around the world by –

  • Offering mission emphasis through the four-year service project that all participating countries can support.
  • Hosting a meeting and women’s retreat timed with World Convention’s Global Gathering to highlight fellowship and networking.
  • Providing news to GWC Friends in order to share prayers, reflections and information of events and concerns from around the world.

We are moving toward the 19th World Convention Global Gathering in New Delhi, India, January 12-15, 2017. As a woman living and sharing in Christ’s love, please share your insight and vision of ways Global Women Connecting can be helpful to you by answering the following short survey.