When God Breaks the Walls

Once there was a Human who learned to build a wall. It was constructed carefully, for it was to be a shelter for Human. Becoming skilled in the art, Human built walls until all the world was outside and Human was inside. Human stayed inside the walls a long, long time.

God saw Human inside the walls, fearful, hungry, alone and was sad. “This is not good,” thought God. “I did not intend for Humans to exist like this. I want them to understand love.” And so, God caused Human to think about the beauty of the world outside and to recall stories of the ancestors. Then, God caused Others outside the walls to wonder about the Human inside.

Food became necessary. Motivated now by need, Human climbed, wedging fingers and toes into the spaces where the walls’ sticks and stones did not touch. The climb was difficult and challenged Human’s strength and resolve. Unable to get over the wall alone, Human called out hoping there were Others on the outside who could help. The Others were interested in the possibility of a new friend and knew that like God, Human and Others needed relationship. Together they worked to open the wall.

Once outside, Human could see walls Others had built. From the rubble of each broken wall was a bridge to the next place where a Human had built walls out of fear or shame or misunderstanding. Using tools of compassion and respect, Friends were able to help build a new way of life.

This is how God’s love works. When we separate, God creates a longing to reunite, then provides the tools and motivation to build bridges. Piece by piece God urges us to move stones so a structure built on Christian unity can take shape. When walls come down God’s gifts of hope, joy, love and peace can be shared.

Build upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the cornerstone. In Christ the whole structure is joined together and grows into a holy temple in the Lord. Ephesians 2:20-21

We begin the year 2016 preparing to come together in New Delhi for the 19th Global Gathering. Let this be a year to explore the walls we’ve built, accept the hunger for Christ’s life-giving fellowship, and surrender to God’s loving plan to use our lives as bridge-building stones.



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