To Live Well

What does it mean to be healthy? A sound mind? A sturdy body? A flourishing spirit? What if you did not have the right to minimal health? Many in our world have been denied exactly that.

Prompted by initiatives planned for the October, 2015 ICOM (International Conference On Missions) in Richmond, Virginia, put forth by the women’s Common Ground event and women’s workshop tracks, I’ve been reading articles concerned with women’s health and reproductive justice. Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice, recently renamed Forward Together [], defines the concept as follows –

“Reproductive Justice is the complete physical, mental, spiritual, political, economic, and social well-being of women and girls, and will be achieved when women and girls have the economic, social, and political power and resources to make healthy decisions about our bodies, sexuality, and reproduction for ourselves, our families, and our communities in all areas of our lives.”

Following are a few web locations dealing with inequalities suffered in women’s health care. –

Those of us who have relatively healthy life opportunities may be the evangelists for living a better life to the rest of the world.

What can that mean?

  • We take the time to learn about the issues in our own communities.
  • We share the information with others, locally and globally.
  • We work with others to effect change for all women, everywhere.

Commitment is not enough. It takes discipleship. I think 1 Kings 8:59-61says it well. “And let these words that I’ve prayed in the presence of God be always right there before him, day and night, so that he’ll do what is right for me, to guarantee justice for his people Israel day after day after day. Then all the people on earth will know God is the true God; there is no other God. And you, your lives must be totally obedient to God, our personal God, following the life path he has cleared, alert and attentive to everything he has made plain this day.”