There’s A Family Resemblance

Reunion. Homecoming. Events designed to explore the history of the community we come from, to share the truth of current circumstance, to challenge ourselves into a positive future. This can also be described as a reuniting with family, organization or institution.

Occasions rise that warrant coming together to re-identify with a clan and re-establish somewhat neglected relationships. For my family, this season began with life changes for a cousin and a photograph of my grandfather’s bed.

Papa's bedDownsizing their home, Betty Jo began looking for a new home for this well-worn family artifact and reminded far-flung relatives that we have a common history.




A social media reunion has begun. Beverly, Kent, Pam, and Annette have tossed fading photographs onto the “stack of memory”. We recall the years gone by and the relatives’ stories we long to hear. We marvel at images of people we’ve never seen before and wonder how their lives have impacted ours. We search for our likeness in the eyes, the smiles, the physique. We develop monumental insight from insignificant details. Why did Dad hold Mom’s picture over his heart while his rifle was balanced over his opposing arm? Is he a romantic? A dedicated defender?

I catch the occasional posting, but my days have been filled with other artifacts. Faces and conversations with my global family. Other women and men whose God-inspired groundwork continues to create life in Christian unity. Conventions, assemblies, and lectures help bring us home. Pictures, articles, phone calls, emails and web sites link one story to another and help cement the bond. Scripture and prayer, songs and laughter, challenge and grace help us see our resemblance in the family of God. There are messages in the artifacts and images we hold. Love, justice, protection for the poor and weak.

And here I remember. It is not we who are to be like each other, it is we who are to be like Jesus.

Holy God – How deeply You cherish us…how freely You give! Continue to inspire us to share our lives so the reality of Your kingdom will be known. Allow the sacrifice Jesus made for our souls bring us close to You. Amen.