God is Friendship

Sitting in front of the computer, I read two statements about God. One typed into the title blank says,God is friendship,” a quote from Aelred of Rievaulx. The other taped to a small piece of paper reminding me of the theme for the next Global Gathering in New Delhi – God Breaks Down Walls to Build Bridges. I make a logical leap, God = Friendship, and, “Voila!”  Friendship Breaks Down Walls to Build Bridges.
How about that. Like magic, a Global Women Connecting mission statement appears!
For the past several weeks I have been reviewing and scanning, and posting artifacts of  a 60 year history of women who have come together to create an organization who are all about God’s work. You will find links to these at the top of the page under World CWF/GWC History. Hover and click to view items on the timeline.
The organization formed and is nurtured through the development of annual prayer topics and special worship services and events like meetings at exhibits and assemblies, the World Convention Global Gatherings and the GWC birthdays on August 20. In addition, funds are raised specifically for the benefit of adopted service projects like Harvest View Academy in Kenya and Lar Esperança and Centro de Educação Esperança in Mozambique.  The work has been sponsored by volunteer women, regions or countries passionate about demonstrating God’s ways of loving us and our loving God back through the bonds of friendship.
There’s always room for one more. One more smile, one more hug, one more hand extended in peace. One more gathering somewhere in the world. That’s how we have grown. Coming together to weave a network of acquaintances who become friends, then taking that connection to the next One.
I plan to keep on collecting examples of the ways I discover this collection of global friends living and loving to share wherever I can – web site, Facebook, Twitter, email and especially face to face. Here’s one from Joy Rice, a member and serving secretary of CWF in the United Kingdom.
May the clouds of yesterday disappear in the sunshine of today.
May your days be full of sunbeams instead of hazy grey.
May God keep you and bless you and take away your fears.
May God comfort and embrace you and wipe away your tears.
May your heart be filled with courage instead of bleak despair.
Remember, God is there at the end of each and every prayer!
Please join in building God’s friendship bridges.