Around the Table

2015 began with a few super-charged days in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with women from USA and Canada – the Disciples Women Leadership Council – that informed and encouraged my new year rejuvenation. Regional and constituency representatives of the International Disciples Women Ministries (IDWM) met to share and plan for this branch of Stone-Campbell women’s ministry in response to the call God continues to make known. Global Women Connecting was invited to participate in the possibilities, bringing a unique relationship and understanding from within the Restoration Movement family.

The resources DWLC made us aware of are abundant! To get an overview, just go to and begin to browse around. You’ll find the publication, Just Women, written by Disciples women, travel and mission opportunities through Woman to Woman Worldwide, information about Quadrennial Assembly and General Assembly, and the beautiful ministry of Blessing Box and Blessing Bag. These are just the appetizers! Dig into the Program Pages to get a real taste of what Disciples Women bring to Christ’s table! A deepening commitment to address the complex issues of human trafficking is discovered in Link by Link. Social Justice and Action resources are plentiful, and I’m sure you’ll be pleased to see that Global Women Connecting endeavors are also part of the offerings. To further ensure the nourishment of this group of nearly 50 women, DWLC supplied fuel for the future by bringing Minister of Reconciliation, April Johnson to share Pro-Reconciliation/Anti-Racism information, and Rev. Dr. Sharon Stanley-Rea who provided news and initiatives of Refugee & Immigration Ministries.

Complementing this feast of rich discussion and long drinks of reality was the sparkle of new relationship and the sweetness of reuniting with dear friends. I experienced the blessing of devoted women, dedicated to serving our God and our world. #DWSOAR

2015 DWLC

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