Celebrate 60 Years!

2015 brings the 60th anniversary of Global Women Connecting!

The reality of Jessie Trout’s dream for Restoration Movement sisters, the World Christian Women’s Fellowship was voted into existence at the World Convention assembly held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, August 20, 1955. Since that time, this organization has served as a channel for all women members of the Stone-Campbell heritage churches and of the United churches who share that heritage to join in fellowship and, through prayer, study, and service, share the gospel to the ends of the earth. A complement to the World Convention, the ministry of Global Women Connecting has focus in Christian unity.

Throughout this upcoming year, both historical documentation and dreams for our future will be explored. You will find in the Global Women Connecting archives (formerly World Christian Women’s Fellowship) Jessie’s invitation to women to broaden their horizons to a larger world view, program information of quadrennial meetings held in conjunction with World Convention gatherings, and photos and stories of the women who help bring about this unique sisterhood. Initial posts are found here – http://globalwomenconnecting.org/world-cwfgwc-history/  Please go to the GWC History tab for more detailed links.

You are invited to share your photos, stories and dreams in celebration of our past and in preparation for our future! Send your contributions to Julia Keith, Women’s Desk Liaison, World Convention of Churches of Christ, PO Box 50998, Nashville, TN 37205, or email Julia @ julia@worldconvention.org