Broken Beauty – Deb Holloway

In Nashville, TN, my mother-in-law, Mary Alice Holloway, and I conduct
a short devotional time right before lunch at Lakeshore-Heartland
Nursing Home every other Wednesday. A small group of about a
half-dozen women attend regularly. One or two women are in wheel chairs,
two walk in with the aid of walkers, two are over ninety years old,
most are hard of hearing, and most have multiple health problems.

Today, the devotional thought was from Luke 14, the parable of the
great feast, where it was the poor, the lame, and the blind who
accepted God’s invitation to his “feast of love” because they realized
that they were broken or needy. We talked about God’s love being the
only thing that makes any of us whole. Then I pulled out two necklaces
I bought in Goiania, Brazil, at the World Convention in 2012 and told
them the following:

LaVerne's Broken Crosses“A wonderful symbol of our brokenness and God’s love and invitation to join him is these two cross necklaces I have here. I met a woman about two and a half years ago at the global gathering in Goiania, Brazil, named LaVerne Thorpe, who was from Arizona. She had these see-through baggies full of these crosses at breakfast in the hotel where Gary and I were
staying. I commented to her on how lovely the necklaces were, and she  ulled them out of the baggies to let me look. A small crowd gathered.
I asked if she made them, and she said she picked up old, broken bottles and bits of colored glass to put in the shape of a cross to remind us that we are all broken, and it is only the love of the man Jesus on the cross that makes us beautiful again. Well, of course, I had to buy some, as did others in the group. A powerful reminder!”