Welcoming Usha

We dreamed… prayed… planned… prayed… waited… prayed…called… prayed.. hoped… prayed… and prayed… and prayed…

Today we welcome Usha Rees, incoming Global Women Connecting President!

Usha Rees




Taking this journey with her is her husband, Emrys. Following is a brief description of the ministry Usha and Emrys have been involved in –


A second-generation missionary, Emrys and wife, Usha Rees continue the work of the
Benevolent Social Services of India, Inc., started by Emrys’ parents, David and Lois
Rees. The Reeses are involved in preaching the gospel to Hindus, Muslims, and nominal Christians. Their mission emphasizes strong mentoring, leadership training, discipleship training, and strengthening of the congregations in both urban and rural areas.
At the Leprosy Hospital founded by David Rees, now consisting of 40 beds, they minister to leprosy victims, people living with HIV/AIDS, and people suffering from tuberculosis. More recently, the emphasis has been focused on prevention of deformities due to leprosy. The Indian government has approached them and is funding an AIDS Counseling Center at the Leprosy Hospital. Their work also includes home and community-based care, outpatient care, inpatient care, and the prevention of parent to child transmission of HIV/AIDS.
Through the organization, The Love in Action Trust, started by Emrys and Usha
Rees, they are able to help orphans, widows, and the very poor obtain basic
education and later, job training. They have concentrated their evangelistic
efforts among least-reached people groups, who have only a handful of literate
people. Therefore, Emrys and Usha have started a very successful literacy
program in many villages, enabling these people to read the Bible.
Their son, Robert, a graduate of Cincinnati Christian University, is presently working with Pioneer Bible Translators in South Asia. Their daughter Kathryn, is married and lives in Indiana.  The youngest, Santhosh, is their adopted son. He was about 3 years old when his parents passed away due to HIV/AIDS and he was given to the Reeses. He is 12 years old now, and HIV positive.  He is a great blessing.


Emrys & Usha Rees, Benevolent Social Services of India
David & Lois Rees Hospital
Yerpedu, Chittoor Dt., A.P. 517 619 INDIA
Email: usharees@gmail.com


Global Women Connecting welcomes you, Sister Usha!


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  1. Praise the lord…. congratulations amma for being selected to be president for the Global women connecting. I, along with my family, pray that our almighty God bless you with special knowledge to carry out president roll effectively and through which our Lords glory will be reveled to the people.
    Yours in Him

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