A friend and I were discussing Good Friday…wondering if the labyrinths in our neck of the woods would be busy with silent prayers of those contemplating our Lord’s dedication and sacrifice. Would an increase in the activity make it more difficult to listen for Jesus’ words to us, or would the places where connections with walkers headed ‘in the opposite direction’ give us a place to access new depths of understanding our walk.

If World Convention/Global Women Connecting was a labyrinth that covered the globe, what would those places of opposing direction look like? Would we acknowledge the other as we pass, or move in our own way, focusing our vision and our actions on the space just ahead? Would we long to walk next to the one who is on a parallel path? Would we slow down to allow a newcomer to catch up so they could walk in our footsteps, or would we race ahead in hopes of tagging along with one whose journey began at a different time and in another place? And if we stopped along the way, how would we tell the story of how we arrived at this place in our journey?

The twists and turns bring all closer to a place of holy reflection at the center of the labyrinth’s life, then send us away to move in new directions, face different travelers. I am thankful for the differences in the Stone-Campbell family, and for the ways its ministries work to bring us closer to Christian unity. And, I’m thankful to be walking in ever-widening circles.