Where is your home?

This question was asked in a recent women’s ministry meeting.  Our faith families have taught us what it takes to make and keep a home. Devotion, sacrifice, communication and hospitality top the list.

Devotion builds our bonds. It keeps us in the practice of living out essential ideals. We feel love.

Sacrifice puts other needs in front of our own. With Christ as our mentor in compassion, we realize that each one of us receive what we need. We find security.

Communication is the practical tool of staying in touch with thoughts and feelings.  We sense understanding.

Hospitality is offered to those we welcome into our space. The host and the guest find each other in a dynamic relationship of caring for and responding to each other. We are renewed.

World Convention will welcome our board members to Nashville during the first week of April. God brings representatives from around the globe to work on the building of the home we call Christian unity. Your prayers are an important part of this biennial meeting. And since World Convention includes women on their board, Global Women Connecting receives benefit from this gathering too.  We are praying for a time of renewal during the time together, and a sense of fresh direction into the future.