The Women’s Desk – December, 2013

The first time I heard, “God is at work among us,” I smiled. Warmed by affirmation, I continued happily through my day, checking off the many, many ways God’s activity is present in hands, hearts, and lives. I even learned to recognize and accept how God uses life to challenge our ideals, to refine our beliefs, to teach us to love.

But, sometimes chaos overshadows, looking like death itself. The wisdom so carefully cultivated proves to be knowledge that signs were missed, the temple is falling. Life will be different.

Halleluia? Really?

Really. Here is where God places holy new life. Holy love. Holy child.

With renewed hope, the story begins again…

A stump.

A stump with roots.

A stump with roots and a bud.

A stump with roots and a shoot from the bud.

A stump with roots and a tree from the shoot of the bud.

A stump with roots and a tree that is sturdy with the spirit of the Lord.

“A spirit of wisdom and understanding,

A spirit of planning and strength,

A spirit of knowledge

And fear of the Lord.”

And the tree that grows

In the spirit of the Lord

Will stand as a signal

Will turn the world

Gloriously right.

 Quoted verse, Isaiah 11:2, The Message