Her life overflowed with good works and compassionate acts. Acts 9:36

Born out of Eastern European Mission with a focus on supplying specific ministry needs to Christian sisters, WEEM’s mission is “to build a network of Christian women offering love and support to each other and to the women and children of Eastern Europe and Russia as we spread God’s Word.”  Perhaps their mission motto says it best –

 “Women Helping Women…Spread the Word.” 

Women who volunteer their time and talent helping women in Eastern Europe and Russia help their communities.  By inviting American women to make quilts, blankets and knit caps – praying as they create – WEEM is able to share a symbol of God’s love and concern. Each handmade item becomes a link to building a relationship to another woman across the globe. The gift encourages the recipient as she shares her compassion and fuels her neighbors. For women with the gift of teaching, WEEM seeks those who can travel and participate in ladies retreats, as well as women in the US who are willing to share WEEM opportunities with other groups of women.  Fertile ground is created for sharing the Bible and help fulfill the work of EEM.  For more information, visit WEEM.org and EEM.org.