Global Women Connecting originated as a channel for all women members of the Stone-Campbell heritage churches and of the United churches who share that heritage to join in fellowship and, through prayer, study, and service, share the gospel to the ends of the earth. We cooperate with Christians everywhere toward the unity of the church.

  • Unites, informs, and connects Stone Campbell movement women from around the world.
  • Provides mission emphasis through a service project that all members support.
  • Hosts an Executive Committee meeting and women’s retreat timed with World Convention’s Global Gathering to highlight fellowship and networking.
  • Provides news to GWC Friends in order to share prayers, reflections and information of events and concerns from around the world.

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8 thoughts on “WELCOME

  1. Praise the Lord , I am shaheen from Pakistan as a Pastor.I have church ministry and orphan school.we are preaching among muslim and unknown people.who far from Jesus christ.we are providing free education to poor children,labour children and orphan children.

    i want to attend your conferance.where this? and which country? which Date

    Shaheen Melio Mase

  2. Hello, Shaheen. The next Global Gathering information will be available at WorldConvention.org when arrangements are made.

  3. Hi Julia,
    It is good to connect with you again. I am considering joining the Quadrennial at Atlanta this year. Is the registration for the delegates from the Philippines the same as those from our sisters in the US? There was a different fee structure in the past for us in Asia and I would like to know if that is still available for this year’s Quad Assembly.
    Thank you and God bless you much. Warmest regards.


  4. Dear Coralie,
    I have forwarded your question to Patty Jones with a copy to you. She is coordinating the International Sisters program at Quadrennial and is the person to quote those registration rates. jk

  5. .praise the lord .i am swarna from india nice joining with you . i am one who working with women and childern ministry.and social work activites -women empowernment,oldage people ,widows,aids awarness camps.i want to attend the conference .ple let me know.ple pray

  6. I want to ask you a question about our children from Sierra Leone which was effected by Deathly diseased Varese(Ebola)

  7. Dear Beloved in Christ,

    Love and Greetings to you in Jesus’ high and most Exalted name. I feel very happy to introduce to you as Pastor TUMMALA CHINNI, a Pastor serving the Lord in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India for the Last 8 years, ministering in 6 Churches with 5 co-Pastors who are young, anointed and dedicated to the service of our Lord.

    We are serving the Lord independently without joining in any other Fellowship or Ministry or Mission or Organization but are doing with utmost faith.

    We are serving among Dalit and Tribal people hailing from yanadi and Yerukula communities who are far behind in education, social, medical and financial. We are striving hard for their development in their living conditions.

    We are reaching the unreached proclaiming the Gospel as Jesus said at Mark 16:15, planting new Churches as has said at Matt 16:18 and winning many a perishing souls according to Romans 10:9. Part of it we are also working with Orphan and Street children as Jesus said at Matt 18:5 and Matt 19:14. God also called on us to look after the needs of poor widows and old aged people according to Deuteronomy 26:12, 13.

    We like to develop our Ministry reaching many more unreached areas with your ablest leadership and guidance. We are much interested to work with you joining in your Fellowship.

    Part of it we invite you with our heart and soul to visit India to see our work and to take part in our activities. We believe you are a blessing for us, for our Ministry and for our people. We are constantly praying God for you, for your family, Ministry and for your untiring services upholding before God daily.

    We request you to kindly pray for us and for our Invitation to visit India to work with us.

    I look to hear from you soon.

    In Jesus most Trustworthy name,
    (Pastor CHINNI

  8. Dear Alusine, We are praying for the children from Sierra Leone who are struggling with illness from the ebola virus. May God heal and renew. #GWCprayers

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